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link for Canadian physicians group

I just received the notes from the Corporate Responsibility meeting at which this was discussed:Here is the link to the webinar of Canadian doctors thinking about how to change our messaging in the context of COVID-19.   Video is open to all you are all well!

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Covid 19 and climate change

On the corporate responsibility call tonight one member reported on a call she was on with Canadian physicians who are climate activists.  They were clear that this is not a time for being vocal about climate change issues.  There is too much uncertainty, concern and unrest related to the pandemic (of course!) but that we do have to strart considering how we will resume in the aftermath.  One exception to this was that we should actively oppose efforts on the part of fossil fuel companies to be…

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Earth Day Event Planning

Hi Ya'll! Starting a thread here for us to discuss plans for Earth Day "season."I have reached out to Sunrise Ithaca and John Guttridge of Press Bay Alley, and am waiting to hear back.We have a MOFT supporter attending Sunrise's General Hub Meeting (tomorrow, 2/27, at CSMA at 6:30, in case anyone's interested), and she has agreed to report back about any Earth Day/Climate Week events she learns about there.

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