Mothers Out Front Tompkins would like to invite our community to come together in celebration of mothers!

Our organization is held together by the strong glue of motherhood, by the deep care we feel for our children and grandchildren, and by our shared understanding of the hard work and grit it takes to be a mom.

Let's gather virtually (using Facebook) this Mothers Day to share stories, poems, artwork, songs, videos and anecdotes that celebrate the mothers in our lives!
This could be something you write or create, or something someone else has created that honors your own mother or mothering figure, a mother you admire or co-parent with, or your own experience as a mother.

Go to this link:    and use the Facebook event wall to post whatever you are moved to post, beginning on Mothers Day, May 10, and continuing through the following week, until Sunday, May 17.

Be sure to check back often to enjoy what others are posting!
Happy Mothers Day to all!

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