NOTE:  This glossary is a work in progress.  It will be updated regularly.  If you have an entry you would like to contribute, please send it to Katie Q-J.


CLCPA:  Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act - New York State environmental program signed into law in 2019.

CLEAN:  Cayuga Lake Environmental Action Network - a Tompkins County based environmental advocacy group focused on issues related to Cayuga Lake

CPP:  Cayuga  Power Plant (CPP) - former coal burning electrical plant located in Lansing, NY on the eastern shore of Cayuga Lake

DNM:  Dominion New Market - a 200 mile long gas pipeline stretching across the southwest section of NYS

ESB:  Electic School Bus - a campaign MOF teams have explored implementing through their local school districts; MOF Tompkins began researching ESB for our area as of Feb, 2020

MOF:  Mothers Out Front - a national environmental organization of mothers, grandmothers and caregivers coming together to make climate change an issue that our leaders can no longer ignore

NYSLT:  New York State Leadership Team - a MOF committee of team leaders from across New York State

SUP:  Special Use Permit - a type of building permit issued by local government entities