Tompkins Food Policy Council - intro

Have attended two meetings to date with the Tompkins Food Policy Council's environment team.  Although you may not be able to join in yourselves, there's much that is being discussed that the MOF Regenerative Farming group would be interested in.  Wish I could carry you all in my pocket!

There are numerous juicy local ag data points in the draft "Production" document that the Food Council enviro team is reviewing currently.  There's also qualitative data at the end of the Production doc that consists of interview feedback from farmers and others that might be useful to this group as well.  I should emphasize this doc is a draft...a work in progress.  Feedback is welcome, if you have any.

Also, I raised the point that we need a working definition for regenerative agriculture.  Don Barber asked me for one and I said I would ask this MOF group what you were working with.  Something concise, clear and pragmatic would be most useful.


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