This group will be exploring and promoting regenerative farming practices as a vehicle for carbon sequestration, reducing energy costs per kcal and other agricultural carbon reduction efficiencies.

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  • Love this list Lizzy! Here's the website I mentioned at our meeting:
    Learn permaculture with free and low cost online courses by women.
    Learn permaculture with free and low-cost online courses, publications, forums, and the most comprehensive Design Course by and for women in permacul…
  • I got started on putting together a list of resources for our committee. Here it is:
    List of resources for our Regenerative Framing committee

    Local folks:

    Elizabeth Gabriel
    Jonathan Bates
    Cornell Cooperative Extension
    Dan Flerlage (former LACS teacher who supervised kids doing regen.farming)
    Fay Bensen (older dairy farmer- works for CCE)
    Erica Frenay ( B'dale organic farmer-sheep, cows , veggies)
    Dr. David Wolfe, Cornell Plant and Soil Ecology
    Kathleen Draper ( Ithaka Institute devoted to biochar, also author of blog)
    Future Farmers of America
    Joshua Stone ( Julian's dad at Lantern School, who told me about

    Internet sources (Northeast Organic Farming Association of New York)


    Soil Health and Carbon Sequestration
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    Bloom, Jessi & Dave Boehnlein. Practical Permaculture: For Home Landscapes and the Whole Earth. Timber Press. 2015.
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    Finger Lakes Biochar
  • Do we get to call ourselves Earth Mothers Out Front?
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Tompkins Food Policy Council - intro

Have attended two meetings to date with the Tompkins Food Policy Council's environment team.  Although you may not be able to join in yourselves, there's much that is being discussed that the MOF Regenerative Farming group would be interested in.  Wish I could carry you all in my pocket! There are numerous juicy local ag data points in the draft "Production" document that the Food Council enviro team is reviewing currently.  There's also qualitative data at the end of the Production doc that…

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