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Aug 13
Elisa Evett left a comment on Regenerative Farming
"I got started on putting together a list of resources for our committee. Here it is:
List of resources for our Regenerative Framing committee

Local folks:

Elizabeth Gabriel
Jonathan Bates
Cornell Cooperative Extension
Jun 25
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Jun 16
Elisa Evett replied to Kathy Malcomson's discussion Covid 19 and climate change
"Thanks for this report, Kathy.  I would be interested in listening to that call."
Mar 21
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Feb 22
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Feb 22
Elisa Evett published an article
Another Cornell Daily Sun article about Climate Justice Cornell's actions to press the university to divest from fossil fuel investments.
There is also a video of the protests that took place on Feb 13, 2020.
Feb 20
Elisa Evett published an article
Promising news about the possibility of Cornell Divesting from fossil fuels in an article from the Cornell Daily Sun.
Feb 19
Elisa Evett replied to Nora Brown's discussion Climate Wise Gardening Event Planning (4/4)
"I too like this idea.  Before I run this past the organizers of the fair, I would need to know whether this would be integrated with the doll house in some way (and if so how) or whether it would be a stand alone activity. Let's continue the…"
Feb 18
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Feb 5
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Urban-Rural Linkages in Meeting Climate Change Goals: Case of Ithaca and Tompkins County Friday, January 31, 2020 at 12:20pm Abby and Howard Milstein Auditorium, 863 University Ave, (Architecture building near Johnson Art Museum) Cornell…
Jan 29
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A recent article in the New York Times about the rejection by a federal appeals court of the climate change lawsuit brought by a group of young people against the government known as Juliana v. United States United States.  This suit has been making…
Jan 19
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An excellent article from Ecowatch about the latest decision of Blackrock, thanks to MOF and our allies.
Jan 18
Elisa Evett commented on Katie Quinn-Jacobs's article Electric School Bus Folder
"These  materials are extremely detailed and therefore useful to us.  But, before we make a decision about whether to take on this project, I think every one should take a very close look at them and think about what exactly we will need to do to get…"
Jan 18
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Jan 15
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Jan 15