Katie Quinn-Jacobs left a comment on Regenerative Farming
"Love it!"
Jun 26
Katie Quinn-Jacobs commented on Merrill Hurst’s status
"Thx, Merrill watched it. The link was still good."
Jun 12
Katie Quinn-Jacobs commented on Nora Brown’s status
"Use green + sign below “poll” tab at top of page to enter new discussion, will post in the discussion section under “grassroots” blurb,"
Feb 2
Katie Quinn-Jacobs left a comment on T-burg
"Kathy & Merrill, everything on this group page for Trumansburg is replaceable. If you have other photos or don’t like the “T-burg”, please let me know. Basically, what’s here are placeholders. Excited about having a T-burg group!"
Jan 21