Katie Quinn-Jacobs replied to Kathy Malcomson's discussion Covid 19 and climate change
"Thx, Kathy.  I agree.  We need to be mindful of the impacts of COVID-19 as it ripples through all of our lives.  People are rightfully focused on keeping body and soul together.  and you can count on fossil fuels to have their hand out during and af…"
Mar 20
Katie Quinn-Jacobs posted a discussion in NYSLT
From Vanessa Rule:
Dear New York State Member Summit Attendees,
In light of the fast spread of coronavirus and its projected impact, we are sad to announce that we have decided to postpone the in-person New York State Member Summit to a later, and s…
Mar 11
Katie Quinn-Jacobs left a comment for Elizabeth (Lissa) Riley
"Welcome, Lissa!  Good to see you here. I would love to talk to you about posting some of your enviromental pieces as blogs on the site."
Mar 3
Katie Quinn-Jacobs replied to Nora Brown's discussion Climate Wise Gardening Event Planning (4/4)
"I will be away for the event, so can’t make it.  And though I like the handmade flower pot idea, I also think that somehow framing this activity within the context of environmental activism would make it stronger. Remember the book of children’s act…"
Feb 21
Katie Quinn-Jacobs commented on Kathy Malcomson's article Parenting and Climate Change _ Issue 36 _ n 1.pdf
"This is a compelling topic and strikes at the core of our work as Mothers Out Front.  Perhaps we could consider researching the issues surrounding parenting and the climate crisis and host some community conversations on the topic?  Maybe a Mother's…"
Feb 20
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Feb 20
Katie Quinn-Jacobs posted a video
Student climate activists protested for four hours Thursday afternoon –– staging a “wedding” and blocking traffic –– urging Cornell to divest from fossil fuels.
Feb 20
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At the first MOF Tompkins retreat, the group takes a break to celebrate Susan B. Anthony's 200th birthday.
Feb 15
Katie Quinn-Jacobs commented on Katie Quinn-Jacobs's event MOF NYS Members Summit
"Please bring flip chart of pipelines in NYS."
Feb 15
Katie Quinn-Jacobs commented on Katie Quinn-Jacobs's event MOF Tompkins Retreat
"Here are a couple of articles that would be good to read before the retreat:
Stages fo Group Developmentposted by Merrill;
Theory of Transformative Action posted by Sue Ruoff (long, but the summary is a quick read)."
Feb 14
Katie Quinn-Jacobs commented on Sue Ruoff's article The Theory of Transformative Action
"This is a long piece, but packed with insights about our work as activists. Would love to have a discussion focused on Transformative Action. 
“More importantly, it is about transforming communities themselves. It is not just a reactive strategy of…"
Feb 13
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Hover over the Campaign tab to access existing MOF Tompkins campaigns...or use the green + sign to create a new one.
Feb 9
Katie Quinn-Jacobs published an article
This is a the draft of the Tompkins County Energy Strategy, what could be considered a Green New Deal for the county.  Anne Rhodes was kind enough to pass this on to us.
 Tompkins County Energy Strategy

Draft, June 2019

When the 2020 energy s…
Feb 9
Katie Quinn-Jacobs posted an event

Feb 15, 2020 from 10:00am to 4:00pm

52 Sodom Rd, Ithaca 14850

Feb 5
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"Hi Joe, Good to have you here!  Try posting a discussion topic or article.  If you need assistane let me know - KQJ"
Feb 5
Katie Quinn-Jacobs commented on Nora Brown’s status
"Use green + sign below “poll” tab at top of page to enter new discussion, will post in the discussion section under “grassroots” blurb,"
Feb 2