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MOF Tompkins organizes from the ground up. We know that the climate crisis is happening every-where and that means it's here in our own backyards too. Our work begins in our community: Tompkins County, NY. Building up from our local base, we then connect with regional and national chapters of MOF and other allies.


There's a lot to learn as we travel down the path to becoming more active in our communities. Mothers Out Front is committed to helping members grow, learn, build relation-ships, and have fun along the way. In addition to our local one-on-one support, we have access to numerous trainings through our national network.


Motherhood is the glue. We all want our children to grow up and thrive on a livable planet. The moms at Mothers Out Front know it won't happen without reaching a critical mass of parents (mothers and others) pushing to create the necessary changes. Tapping into our "mom power" gives us the needed focus and determination.

Climate Wise Gardening Event Planning (4/4)

I love your idea, Kathy, of having kids fill a pot and plant a seed! I've seen really cool seed pots made from folded newspaper, and it occurred to me that maybe instead of buying pots, we could help kids make them from recycled newspaper, as part of the activity (and have some pre-made for kids who might not be old enough to do it themselves). Even greener than clay pots! Then they could take them home and "pot up" into a bigger pot or into the ground if they want to, when their plant gets bigger (you can stick the paper pots right into the soil and they will soften up enough to let roots grow through, and eventually rot away). I have tons of saved seeds I'd be happy to donate- mostly beans, which are fun to watch come up because they're so big. And we can tell the kids about how they can save seeds from their beans, too, eventually! Ooh! Can you tell I'm getting excited about this idea? :) If everyone's on board, I can look into how to fold the pots. Let me know!

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  • Nora, That is a fantastic idea!  A more extensive activity, saves $ and is more eco-friendly!  Let's do it!

  • I too like this idea.  Before I run this past the organizers of the fair, I would need to know whether this would be integrated with the doll house in some way (and if so how) or whether it would be a stand alone activity. Let's continue the discussion.

    • I haven't ever seen or interacted with the doll house, so it's hard for me to say what would be best... I think the planting activity could stand on its own quite well, or we could have the soil patch- from which kids will be filling their pots- be the garden of the doll house?

      I looked up some videos on making the newpaper pots, and it looks very simple.

      Do you remember who else said they would be able to be at this event? Kathy?

      • I will be there.

        • I will be away for the event, so can’t make it.  And though I like the handmade flower pot idea, I also think that somehow framing this activity within the context of environmental activism would make it stronger. Remember the book of children’s activities that I bought from the speaker at MOF National last year?  Maybe Brynn has it?  Perhaps there’s a relevant idea in its pages...

          • I agree that would be ideal! But it is a gardening event... if we want to be there, we may not be able to necessarily tie fossil fuels and/or activism directly into our kids' activity. But if anyone has an idea, by all means! I'll ask my mom if she has the book- maybe she can bring it to the meeting tmro.

            Also, personally I think of seed saving and growing one's own food in a sustainable manner as a form of activism. :) 

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