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MOF Tompkins organizes from the ground up. We know that the climate crisis is happening every-where and that means it's here in our own backyards too. Our work begins in our community: Tompkins County, NY. Building up from our local base, we then connect with regional and national chapters of MOF and other allies.


There's a lot to learn as we travel down the path to becoming more active in our communities. Mothers Out Front is committed to helping members grow, learn, build relation-ships, and have fun along the way. In addition to our local one-on-one support, we have access to numerous trainings through our national network.


Motherhood is the glue. We all want our children to grow up and thrive on a livable planet. The moms at Mothers Out Front know it won't happen without reaching a critical mass of parents (mothers and others) pushing to create the necessary changes. Tapping into our "mom power" gives us the needed focus and determination.

Covid 19 and climate change

On the corporate responsibility call tonight one member reported on a call she was on with Canadian physicians who are climate activists.  They were clear that this is not a time for being vocal about climate change issues.  There is too much uncertainty, concern and unrest related to the pandemic (of course!) but that we do have to strart considering how we will resume in the aftermath.  One exception to this was that we should actively oppose efforts on the part of fossil fuel companies to be "bailed out" by the government because they are suffering losses related to the significant reductions in the use of fossil fuel for travel as we are all required to restrict movement.  At the very least they should be mandated to support green energy development in order to get any funds.  I will receive a link to the recording of that call (with the Cnadian doctors) and post it for anyone who is interested.

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  • Thanks for this report, Kathy.  I would be interested in listening to that call.

  • Thx, Kathy.  I agree.  We need to be mindful of the impacts of COVID-19 as it ripples through all of our lives.  People are rightfully focused on keeping body and soul together.  and you can count on fossil fuels to have their hand out during and after this crises.


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