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MOF Tompkins organizes from the ground up. We know that the climate crisis is happening every-where and that means it's here in our own backyards too. Our work begins in our community: Tompkins County, NY. Building up from our local base, we then connect with regional and national chapters of MOF and other allies.


There's a lot to learn as we travel down the path to becoming more active in our communities. Mothers Out Front is committed to helping members grow, learn, build relation-ships, and have fun along the way. In addition to our local one-on-one support, we have access to numerous trainings through our national network.


Motherhood is the glue. We all want our children to grow up and thrive on a livable planet. The moms at Mothers Out Front know it won't happen without reaching a critical mass of parents (mothers and others) pushing to create the necessary changes. Tapping into our "mom power" gives us the needed focus and determination.

8984340469?profile=RESIZE_710xCame across this robust economic model recently:  Doughnut Economics by Kate Raworth.  The goal is to transition from 20th century thinking to 21st century processes.  It integrates many branches of economics and environmental thought, like systems thinking, feminist economics, embedded economics and social justice.

The focus is on creating regenerative and distributive systems that allow us to thrive within planetary and social boundaries.

It's also scaleable and solutions oriented.

There is a Doughnut Economic lab, DEAL, that helps entities put the model into practice.

Here’s a video from the Doughnut lab on how it can be scaled to a city level.  If you translate “city” to “local food system” (or any other entity you wish to bring into the 21st century) as you watch the video, the four cornerstones of:  social foundation, ecological boundaries, local and global can easily be applied as a framework. 
There's also a book that our Green Reads group will be reading.  If anyone cares to join in and read Doughnut Economics by Kate Raworth along with Green Reads, let me know!
Will post Kate Raworth's "stump" presentation on our MOF Tompkins video section.

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