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Intergenerational Climate Activism
Townships of Tompkins County, NY
Coal Ash Waste Adjacent to Cayuga Lake
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MOF Tompkins organizes from the ground up. We know that the climate crisis is happening every-where and that means it's here in our own backyards too. Our work begins in our community: Tompkins County, NY. Building up from our local base, we then connect with regional and national chapters of MOF and other allies.


There's a lot to learn as we travel down the path to becoming more active in our communities. Mothers Out Front is committed to helping members grow, learn, build relation-ships, and have fun along the way. In addition to our local one-on-one support, we have access to numerous trainings through our national network.


Motherhood is the glue. We all want our children to grow up and thrive on a livable planet. The moms at Mothers Out Front know it won't happen without reaching a critical mass of parents (mothers and others) pushing to create the necessary changes. Tapping into our "mom power" gives us the needed focus and determination.

Introducing MOF Tompkins to Ning

Hi everyone,

I am pleased to announce our new Ning site is ready for launch!  This site has many different functions:

  • - Website
  • - Network
  • - Archive

Go ahead and explore.  This site is set up so that members can easily post discussions, events, store important files (written, audio, images or video).  It even has a calendar (scroll below).

We will make adjustments to the site as we go.  Please post feedback below.

I hope you all had a happy and healthy holiday season,



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  • Quick website etiquette question: Do we want to limit our "events" posted here to only events we, MOFT, are hosting? I often post local events that are climate related on our FB page, and am wondering if I can/should do the same thing here. 

    • Sounds like a good idea, Nora.  Let’s give it a go.  If there are too many, it may be overwhelming or confusing, but I am eager to see how it comes together.  

      I haven’t tried it, but I believe there is a way to have events created here appear on FB.  That would be great, so you wouldn’t have to do double entries.

      FYI, after you create an event it has to be approved, so there will be a delay.  

      • Nora, I did it!  I connected our Org Team mtg with FB.  Now, if only I had put it on our FB page rather than on the Mothers Out Front communication circle FB pg, it would have been a complete success.  But the point won't have to do double entries.  You can post content here and on FB simultaneously.

        How To: Create an event or a post, then click on the "Share" button and enter the FB info.


        • Wow, great! I'll give it a try. :)

          • ...although maybe not this time, since I just found out about this event and it's on Tuesday- I'll want it on FB right away. But next time I'll try the fancy way!

This reply was deleted.



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